Hello my dear readers. It’s been a crazy ride, with college and work, but enjoying it so far. I wanted to share my campaign with you guys, workout clothes for women, soon coming up with a new campaign for men. Please comment your thoughts, and ideas for new campaign. Link to the website is below.



I was stuck with a schedule in college that I really disliked. Today, I finally changed it, and I have a great professor who is teaching my 2 major courses, so I’m happy. My manager wants me to work throughout the spring time, which secures my position in the summer, and my music is finally blasting on the radio, and was already featured in movies. My life is FINALLY where I needed it to be at this point. Now all I have left is to make doctor appointments, to make sure I’m still healthy and cancer-free. This has been an amazing year so far, and I cannot wait to see what else is in store. And on top of everything, my man is finally coming back from his home country, I haven’t seen him this year yet. Great beginnings finally, cannot wait to see what the rest of my year will look like.


-Katie Kay

Exciting News!

Hello my lovely readers,

today was a huge day for me, I was able to meet with CEO of the record label that I work with, and if I keep up my great work with the songwriting, I’ll get a huge promotion with the company, earning my own huge office right by Central Park in Manhattan. I just have to close this upcoming deal and have all my work in by the end of the month. It’s hustle time for me my readers. I’m so excited!

I was able to see the office, and it has a huge office with a huge private bathroom and I’ll have my own secretary. The view from the office is beyond beautiful.


-Katie Kay


So my semester is coming to a beginning the last Friday of January, and I’m not even excited for it. I’m stressed about going back, I’m starting my major classes, towards education. Going on has helped a lot with picking out professors, however, my last class that I have chosen, I’m not too happy about because supposedly the professor is horrible and mean and doesn’t teach, and the exams are really hard and the whole semester is about reading. With work on the side, and songwriting still a huge hobby, it’ll be hard to maintain and balance college life with everything else.

I’m optimistic I’ll find something better though. Anyone relate to the college struggles?


-Katie Kay

Got Cheated On?

Any of my readers ever been cheated on before? For some it may not bring any pain anymore, and for some, it may still be tearing their heart apart. Me, well I’m in between, going from the stage of it still hurts, but I don’t really care that much anymore about it because I have moved on.

My readers may recall my earlier posts about my ex that I’ve written, and how happy I was. ¬† I really gave that relationship my all, my parents knew him, and they really liked him, and my friends accepted him and liked him as well. But it seems like all good stories have the worst ending for me. Now I’m not being pessimistic, I’m actually optimistic because what doesn’t kill you make you stronger, and I go by the motto of “everything happens for a reason”.

I have been¬†dating my ex for four months before I left for the whole summer. I really hoped that this time it would be different, and that with that relationship it’ll stick. But in the back of my head, I knew this was the real test to see how stronger we really were, and to see if we can make it through. Unfortunately, after a couple of weeks after I have left, my ex talked to me a lot less, and I even asked if we can FaceTime or Skype, but he’d always say no. And to be honest, I cried as he was saying bye to me before I left, because it felt like it was the last time I’d see him, feeling the way I felt about him, and how he felt about me. I had a feeling that when I came back, that everything would be so much different, and we wouldn’t be what we were before I left.

After coming back, we broke it off, I knew he didn’t care about me at all. But towards the end of October, I have decided I wanted to talk to him face to face, to gain final closure, so that I won’t be wondering what happened. Because emotions were down, and feelings were put to the side, I asked him what really happened over the summer that has changed the relationship and made him not care so much, and he flat out told me that he found someone else and that he got together with her while I was away.

He never told me he loved me while we were together, and I understand, we only were together for 4 months, that’s nothing. But when I met him that day, he told me that he may have loved me, but he just never knew what love actually felt like.

Writing about it today, makes me feel better that I can get it off my chest and share it with my readers. Any of you can relate to my story? Comment.


– Katie Kay

The Rougher Roads

Since I came back from my home country, my life during the fall of 2015 has been really rough, my health was bad, I didn’t have a job, I was struggling with my college courses, and on top of all that, I got cheated on during the summer which completely ruined me. I went for a random blood test to my doctor, not thinking much or worrying but I got worried when my doctor called me back saying I have to go back for more blood work. Turned out that my results came back really bad, I rather keep all the details private, but the second results cam back worse, and the doctor gave me antibiotics. So for over a month I was on different antibiotics, and medications, more blood work, still came back bad. So I had a biopsy done to see if I have cancer. The thought of having cancer killed me inside, if the results came back positive, I was sure to quit college, and I have no idea what I’d do. Luckily I had someone there for me, I have known him for over a year already because we had class together before, of course I had a small crush, but I didn’t think much of it, then September of 2015, we just started to become friends more and more, which helped get over my cheating ex, and the sickness, but it all stressed me out so much, and he knew that. He was so sweet, no pressure into becoming more than friends even though we started to grow feelings for each other, because it was just wrong timing because of everything else going on in my life.

In November, my results came back, after a gruesome 2 months of blood work and medications, and luckily they came back negative for cancer cells. Finally I was healthy again. I was able to function again like a normal person. The day after I got the good news, I started applying to many stores and places in regards to work, and I finally was able to come in for an interview and I was able to stand back up on my own 2 feet again. The man I grew feelings for continued being there for me, and we became more serious. For all of December, I was beyond happy, my life, at this age and setting – me being in college – was finally starting to become what I wanted it to look like. Have a great man that loves me, balance that with going to college, and working at the same time, while having a normal social life at the same time.

January 2016 came, my man went to his home country for the month to be with his family, and I’m here in New York, working, and trying to go through this long distance relationship, but of course after being cheated on, it’s still hard for me to adjust and let the past be the past.

But finally I’m back onto my blogging, and I will keep you guys posted.

P.S. sorry the post was so long.


-Katie Kay

It’s Been Too Long

To those of you who have remained my followers even though I haven’t posted in so long, I wanted to really thank you for being a part of this blog, and reading my thoughts on things. I can honestly say that I have missed writing on here. Because the summer started, and I was unable to go on wordpress to blog, I kind of forgot about the website and just continued on with everyday life. Today I’m a much different person than I was when I was blogging, so much has changed, so much has happened… I moved into my new home, started college again in the fall, and today I started applying for spring semester classes again. I work for as a receptionist for a marketing corporation, so far it has been great. I still write music, and do photography, but also things have changed. Stay tuned and I’ll post about the changes. Thank you



-Katie Kay